Ketogenic Diet, day 8

This is my eighth day on a ketogenic diet.
For those who don’t know what that is, watch Dr. Stephen Phinney’s video:
or read one of his & Dr. Volek’s books:
New Atkins for a New You (how to do it)
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (why to do it – fairly technical, aimed at physicians & those familiar with biochemistry terms)

I’m an hour into a strenuous treadmill workout, having only had coffee with some heavy cream this morning – nothing else since yesterday at 6 PM. The workout went fine – I never “ran out of gas” like I occasionally did on my old diet (other than cheat days: 2400 cal daily, 40% protein, 30% each fat & carbs with a banana before the workout).
The idea is if you are adapted to burning fat for fuel instead of carbs, you are primed to access your stored body fat for fuel (around 160,000 kcal available in my case) instead of the 1000-1500 kcal available in glycogen stored in muscles & liver. They say your muscles are ready to do this anyway, but your brain is not unless your liver is making ketones out of fat. Your liver makes ketones if there has not been enough carbohydrates recently eaten to supply the brain.
Result … a stable fuel supply and being clear-headed regardless of eating schedule.
Obviously it’s important not to fast too long because going without protein for too long will result in muscle-wasting.
Anyway, this seems to be going very well so far. And having come off a lowish-fat diet, man, the food sure is a lot better now even without the carbs!
Finally, for those of you concerned I’m going to harm myself, here’s a brief description of the difference between the deadly keto-acidosis a type-1 diabetic might experience and the nutritional ketosis I’m doing:


One thought on “Ketogenic Diet, day 8

  1. A few post-scripts:
    1. I kept my heart rate over 90% maximum for the whole hour.
    2. The first six days of keto, I “ate fat to satiety”, which ended up being 5000-6000 kcal per day assuming that means eat when I feel hungry. After consulting the internet, it appears I do still need to plan my total calories. Starting yesterday I’m limiting to 3500/day. I’m also going up from 170 to 180g/day protein (2 g/kg LBM), so between the two changes, limiting protein is no longer a challenge.


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